LINX Update - Web Services and Data Dashboard

There has been a lot of discussion on the forums about how to add a user interface to your LabVIEW application running on BeagleBone Black or Raspberry Pi. While LINX 3.0 supports low level communication protocols like TCP and UDP on BBB and RPI there is still a lot of work required to build a GUI on top of these protocols.

I'm happy to announce that we've posted a LINX 3.0 target side update that adds support for LabVIEW Web Services and Data Dashboard making both local and remote GUI's a whole lot easier.

What is a 'target side' update?
A 'target side' update means the software on the target (BBB/RPI) needs to be updated but the software on the development PC does not need to be updated.

What is a LabVIEW Web Service?
A very simple way to think about LabVIEW Web Services is a VI that you can access using a URL. This means you can use a browser, javascript, etc to GET and PUT and POST to a VI and the VI can return HTML, JSON, XML or raw strings.

Note: The browser could be running locally on the BBB/RPI, on the dev PC, a mobile phone, or anywhere that has access to the device.

What is Data Dashboard?
Data Dashboard is a free app for Android and iOS tablets that makes it easy to create dashboards for LabVIEW Web Services.

Great, how do I get the update?
Since the target side software is pulled from during target configuration there is no need to install an update on the development computer.

  • Run the LINX Target Configuration Wizard
  • Connect to the BBB/RPI
  • Click the Install Software Tab
  • Click Install

After the update the Installed Version should be 14.1_11.

Checkout the videos below to get started using LabVIEW Web Services and Data Dashboard: