LabVIEW Basics - 03 | Controls and Indicators

A LabVIEW application's users interface is built using controls and indicators. Controls allow the user to input or 'control' data while indicators serve as a way to output or 'indicate' data, graphics, and information.







  • Controls allow users to input data.

  • Indicators are used to display data, graphics, other information.

  • To change an existing control to an indicator or vice versa right click the control or indicator and choose Change to Control or Change to Indicator

  • Controls and Indicators can be placed from the Controls Palette on the Front Panel
    • When a Control or Indicator is placed on the front panel the corresponding block diagram element is created automatically.
    • Double clicking a control or indicator on the front panel will take you to the block diagram element for that control or indicator.

  • Block diagram controls have data terminals on the right while indicators have data terminals on the left.