08 | Data Logging

LabVIEW makes data logging easy whether you're logging to a local text file or a remote database server. In this tutorial we'll learn how to acquire analog input data and save it to a spreadsheet file.



Parts List
Circuit Schematic




  • Open the LINX - Analog Read 1 Channel example from the LabVIEW Example Finder.

  • Select the AI channel 13 which is connected to the onboard potentiometer.

  • Add a Write To Spreadsheet File VI after the while loop.

  • Connect the Analog Read output to the Write To Spreadsheet file 1D array input.
    • Change the while loop tunnel to Auto Indexing.

  • Run the VI, and rotate the potentiometer.

  • Click the stop button.

  • Use the dialog box to save the AI data.

  • Open the log file to see the data in spreadsheet format.
  • Modify the code to create a 2D array where the first column is a AI sample and the second is a the time since the first sample in ms.