06 | Multiple Push Buttons

More push buttons means more possibilities. In this tutorial we'll learn how to read from multiple push buttons and use the data in LabVIEW to create a resetable counter.



Parts List
  • Digilent chipKIT WF32

Circuit Schematic




  • Open the LINX - Digital Input N Channel example from the LabVIEW Example Finder.

  • Select DI channel 65 and 66 which is correspond to BTN2 and BTN3 respectivly.

  • Run the VI, and press the buttons.

  • Modify the VI to count the number of times BTN2 is pressed and display it on a numeric indicator. If BTN3 is pressed reset the count value to 0.
  • Modify the code to create a counter that counts up if only BTN2 is pressed, counts down if only BTN3 is pressed and resets to zero if both buttons are pressed at the same time.
  • Modify the code with a user adjustable reset and maximum count value.