09 | Potentiometer

Potentiometers vary in resistance as the rotor is turned and are commonly used in things like volume knobs and light dimmers. In this tutorial we'll learn how to read an analog voltage from a potentiometer.



Parts List
  • Sparkfun RedBoard

  • 1x Potentiometer
Circuit Schematic



  • Open the LINX - Analog Read 1 Channel example from the LabVIEW Example Finder.

  • Select the AI channel connected to the potentiometer.

  • Run the VI, and rotate the potentiometer.

  • Modify the VI to display the potentiometer value on a gauge.
  • Use a potentiometer to control the pitch of a piezo buzzer.

  • Use 3 potentiometers to control the Red, Green and Blue values of an RGB LED.