12 | Pressure Sensor

In this tutorial we'll learn how to read the value from an analog pressure sensor and display it on a graph, then we'll modify the code to store the maximum pressure value and plot it on the same graph.



Parts List
  • Sparkfun RedBoard

  • 1x Pressure Sensor
Circuit Schematic



  • Open the LINX - Analog Read 1 Channel example from the LabVIEW Example Finder.

  • Select the AI channel connected to the pressure sensor.

  • Run the VI, then press on the pressure sensor pad.

  • Modify the VI to graph the current pressure as well as the maximum pressure recorded since the VI started.
  • Use the pressure sensor to control LED brightness.

  • Use the pressure sensor as a toggle switch to turn an LED on or off.

  • Use the pressure sensor to control the tone of a piezo buzzer.