Strongman Game with the Redboard and LabVIEW

A Strongman game concept using the Sparkfun Inventors Kit for LabVIEW. Start the game by yelling, whack the pressure sensor and see the lights race and hear the buzzer play a tune when you win.


Meet The Maker

Brian Hayt

Brian is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University where he studied Electrical Engineering. It was at CWRU that Brian fell into the Maker scene, working at and heavily utilizing think[box], a fantastic MakerSpace on campus. After Laser Cutting and 3D Printing his way through college Brian ended up going to National Instruments. Currently he is an Applications Engineer in the Engineering Leadership Program. In addition to customer support Brian creates random cool projects out of parts found around the lab.

Check out Brian's cool projects in the links below!

Links: myRIO LED Wall | Buzzer Piano | Strongman Game

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