myMadFX: Internet-Enabled Guitar Effects Pedal

Check out this wireless, internet connected, fully customizable guitar pedal.

Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, AC/DC. What do all of these guys have in common? They have completely awesome guitar effects pedals! I wanted to find a way to integrate my three passions: Playing guitar The Internet of Things Tinkering with technology With this in mind, my goal was to use NI myRIO to create a wireless, infinitely-customizable, web-connected guitar effects pedal – complete with pre-programmed, popular effects such as distortion, tremolo, and delay. However, I also wanted to keep the device open, to enable users to quickly program their own, unique sounds using LabVIEW. The myRIO embedded controller is small enough that it can fit neatly into the back pocket of a lead-guitarist’s (ripped) jeans. And, because the myRIO integrates its own WiFi channel, the guitar-effects can be conveniently controlled by a web-browser on any smart phone, tablet or laptop. This wireless interface means that the guitar-effects could be controlled by a sound-engineer in a mixing-desk at the back of a gig. Heck… the sound could even be controlled by a fan in the mosh-pit!


Meet The Maker

Hashim Shamsi

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