Full Scale R2D2 Powered by myRIO - Intro

A life size, movie quality R2D2 powered by LabVIEW and myRIO!

My five year goal is to build a 1:1 scale, all-aluminum, perfectly accurate (.001“ tolerance) R2D2 replica. The driod will have full robotic capability, including R/C and semi-autonomous mode (think: Roomba level intelligence). I'm also aiming to equip it with a full sensor suite for monitoring his environment (CO2, Methane, Light, Sound, LPG, Etc, etc, etc). The brains of R2 will be LabView running on a MyRio. Year 1: Frame (almost completed) Year 2: Legs and motors Year 3: Dome and skin (doors, servos, etc) Year 4: External details Coincident with all of this will be the development and programming of the environmental and movement sensors, as well as a full set of servos for doors, flaps, and other “special” functions. Will update project as I go.


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Jason Young

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