24v LED Dimmer using LINX and Arduino

Use an Arduino Mega 2560 and LINX to control a 24v LED dimmer for agricultural machine vision.

Due to my work at Wageningen University (the Netherlands) I'm strongly involved in the field of Agricultural Engineering and Robotics. Machine Vision (MV), which uses imaging-based sensors and dedicated software, is an evolving topic in this field of expertise. MV in agriculture or plant research differs from other MV applications because it has to be robust and strongly adaptable to changing circumstances (changing outdoor light conditions, growing and moving plants etc etc.). Therefore I've build a hardware setup with 4 high-resolution industrial cameras together with a 24V (diffuse) LED light source. LED has the advantage of low heat emittance (which influences plant growth) and the ability to “fast control” compared to standard emittance-light sources (for example high-pressure sodium lamps). Due to the “fast but accurate light response” requirement I've chosen for a software approach (Linx - Labview) together with an Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller and an electrical print (to scale the 0-5V PWM output of Arduino to the 0-24V LED dimmer output). In the YouTube link you'll find the final project in action. I'm really satisfied with this result.


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Pieter Blok

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