Project RK-1

Project RK-1 is a 4WD all terrain robotic platform using Arduino, XBee, and LabVIEW.

The platform is operated using a GUI application written in LABview using LIFA. The user can maneuver the robotic platform in any direction up to a range of 100m. The GUI application can also control the speed of the platform which runs on two high torque motors powered by 12V lithium battery and controlled through L293D. The GUI application can also remotely switch on and off the power supply to the platform. This project can be further modified and made into something more interesting. Your valuable feedback would be much appreciated.

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Meet The Maker

Rahil Baig

Rahil is a graduate of Manipal University, India where he studied Electrical Engineering. It was at MIT, Manipal that Rahil fell into the Maker scene, working with LabVIEW and heavily utilizing LIFA toolbox. Currently he is working as a Testing and Commissioning Engineer in a reputable company in UAE. In addition to his job profession Rahil creates projects and also provide online assistance to people.For queries contact him at

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