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 ====== Racing Robots! ====== ====== Racing Robots! ======
-<Tag Line>+Prove your robot'​s superiority using MakerHub LINX, a chipKIT WF32, a Leap Motion Controller, and LabVIEW.
 <​html><​!-- break --></​html>​ <​html><​!-- break --></​html>​
 {{MakerHub Youtube {{MakerHub Youtube
-| Code = Sj0V3BIXaJM+| Code = R26hjOrnnbw
 }} }}
-<​Description+Using both LINX and the Leap Motion controller library, the chipKIT WF32's built in WiFi is used to remotely control the speed of each robot depending on the frequency you wave your hand up and down.  The faster your hand waves, the greater the PWM value sent to your robot'​s motor.
 == Resources == == Resources ==
-  * [[http://github.com/​bryandeagle/​2048 ​Source Code]]+  * {{:projects:​sudharsan-sukumar:​racing-robots:​racingrobots.vi|}}
 === Meet The Maker === === Meet The Maker ===
 ----  ----