Using PmodBT2 to Control Two Servo Motors

Use PmodBT2 (RN-42 Bluetooth, chipKIT WF32, and PmodCON3 to control two servo motors. A joystick app is used to send values via Bluetooth to the chipKIT WF32 to tell the servos to turn left, right, up, and/or down. For more information, check out my Instructable

The attached VI initializes the servos and the UART connection and then allows users to send commands to the PmodBT2 as well as read joystick values sent from the joystick app on the phone. The joystick app used is called Joystick bluetooth Commander and can be found on the google play store for Android.

Setup Picture

Fritzing Diagram

Front Panel

Block Diagram


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Sudharsan Sukumar

Sudharsan (Dharsan) Sukumar is a bioengineer in his senior year at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. He is interested in medical device engineering and plans on going to graduate school for medical devices after receiving his bachelor's degree. Dharsan has experience with bioinstrumentation and previously worked in two different research labs. His first lab worked with actin and myosin protein research and at his second lab he worked with an anti-pancreatic cancer drug to determine its effectiveness. Dharsan currently works at Digilent in Pullman, Washington as a product marketing engineering intern working mostly with LabVIEW, the myRIO, and the chipKIT WF32 sold by Digilent to make beginners guides to LabVIEW and the WF32.

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