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myRio disconnects from PC after a long time run

PostPosted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 7:52 am
by arsh

I am running a life cycle test of a sensor and I need to collect a lot of data. I am supposed to run a simple piece of code for 2 3 days but the issue with myRio 1900 is that it disconnects from the USB after a certain period of time (like 40 minutes on average). I have to collect the data so I am using shared variable between RT and host (PC).

I also tried to use to save the data directly on USB, connected to myRio. But I would prefer to collect data on my PC instead. Is there any known reason why myRio disconnects (like maybe because USB can not supply continuous power for a very long time)?

Things I have tried:
1- I have disable the log out or power save option of Windows so windows does not log out or sleep or hibernate (thought in sleep mode, usb hubs are not powered)
2- Tried to save the data directly on the USB-stick by connecting it to the myRio and then save it on it (thus not using any Shared Variable) BUT I need to visualize the real time data so I can not do this.
3- Changed the USB cables (like I have tried 2, 3 different cables and almost all usb hubs available on PC)

Things I can not try:
1- Different Windows (Its a lab PC and I can not uninstall and install a new window)
2- Different LabVIEW version (I highly doubt that the problem lies in the version of LabVIEW)
3- Different myRio (I have only one)


Re: myRio disconnects from PC after a long time run

PostPosted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:25 pm
by nathanb
While I don't have a fix for your specific issues, I would recommend that you do both local data logging (to the USB connected to the myRIO) and using the shared variables. This would allow you to visualize the data temporarily as snapshots and have all the actual data on the USB for later processing.

I would not recommend relying on shared variables for logging data because they are not guaranteed to be lossless, IIRC.