What Will You Make With LabVIEW?

Welcome to LabVIEW MakerHub, a community designed to inspire, enable, challenge, and support makers using LabVIEW. Design bigger and better projects faster than ever before.

1. Get LabVIEW.
Every maker needs a mission control.

The LabVIEW system design platform transforms your making experience and gives you the ability to easily connect devices and applications while taking advantage of built-in algorithms for data manipulation, controls, and mathematical analysis.

  • Program the way you think — With the graphical nature of LabVIEW, program visually and say goodbye to lines of text and tricky syntax.

  • Connect your ecosystem — Connecting to devices, applications, and even other programming languages is as easy as open, read/write, and close.

  • Create interactive applications — Drag and drop to create a graphical user interface, visualize data, and put the user in control.

  • Debug visually — Watch data flow through your diagram, monitor values in real time, or step through code one click at a time.

2. Plan your projects.
Leverage the power of LabVIEW.

LabVIEW helps you focus on building projects without spending time on unnecessary component-level minutia. Easily connect your devices and applications using LabVIEW MakerHub’s free open-source libraries for devices like Arduino, Kinect, the Leap Motion Controller, and more. Create new connections using built-in support for TCP, HTTP, and serial devices or by calling your DLLs or .net code.

  • LINX

  • Kinect One

  • Leap Motion

More Libraries
3. Join the community.
Engage with fellow makers connected by LabVIEW.

Find inspiration for your next build in the projects section or get started quickly with hands-on, step-by-step tutorials. If you need help post in the forums to collaborate with the community. When you’re ready, share your project for the world to see.