03 | BeagleBone Black Setup

This tutorial describes the process of setting up a BeagleBone Black as a LabVIEW target using LINX.



  • BeagleBone Black
Parts List



  • Connect ethernet to the BBB (BeagleBone Black).

  • Connect the BBB to the PC via USB.

  • If this is the first time connecting the BBB to the PC, open the BBB mass storage device from My Computer and launch the START html page.

  • Scroll down to Section 2 and install the correct driver for the PC operating system.

  • Launch LabVIEW and open the Target Configuration Wizard from Tools»MakerHub»LINX»Target Configuration.

  • Enter the BBB Hostname or IP and a username and password with root privileges and click connect.
    • Default IP Address for the BBB USB/Ethernet device is ''.
    • Default Username is 'root'
    • Default Password is empty.
  • Click the Install Software tab.

  • Click Install.

  • Review any warnings and complete the installation.